Does your company deal in aluminum, tungsten carbide, titanium, nickel, copper or tin?

If so, you’re in the right place to start selling or trading. Charter Trading LTD specializes in trading for, purchasing and forming partnerships to broker high temperature alloys and ferrous and non-ferrous metals-including tungsten carbide, die steels, cobalt bearing scrap, nickel alloys, high-speed steels, molybdenum, turning or sludge (swarf) as well as spent coolants that contain metals.

We purchase alloys and scrap materials outright and occasionally we form limited partnerships with independent suppliers to broker their metals directly to consumers.

So, if your firm produces any of the materials above and you’re interested in a partnership arrangement we’d be pleased to discuss buying your metals material or acting as your broker.

Partner with Charter Trading LTD Today!

Don’t forget that Charter Trading buys and trades a wide variety of non-ferrous and ferrous alloys and scrap metal materials from partners and suppliers ranging from common peddlers to the largest metals firms in the world. We purchase most kinds of industrially generated alloys and scrap materials.

If you’re interested in selling alloys or scrap metals to Charter Trading LTD, please call us at 773-638-2300 or send us an email today to arrange an appointment. You’ll be glad you did!