USMe will handle the disposition of virtually any piece of electronic equipment, starting with coordination of the inbound freight, thorough identification, and documentation of all assets received and secure storage of all assets prior to disposition, through the complete range of final processing. USMe’s expertise is immediately utilized when your equipment arrives at our recycling facilities. Our staff carefully examines all consigned equipment and decides which avenue to take in terms of highest profitability for the client, while still having a low impact on the environment.


How much residual value can end-of-life items generate when sold to USMe’s nationwide network of independent resellers?

Are the equipment’s components worth enough to OEM manufacturers to warrant harvesting and marketing?

Are there precious metals to be retrieved?


Services are performed in state of the art facilities using specialized equipment and supervised by trained, experienced personnel, who are managed by a knowledgeable and dedicated senior staff who are committed to delivering unrivaled client satisfaction and unmatched value.