Comprehensive scrap management services

USM and its affiliates are full-service scrap metal and electronics recyclers providing a full range of comprehensive scrap management services to all types of industrial accounts. As such it is imperative that our processes are reflective of the changing requirements and laws set forth by industry standards and the government. From the company’s owner to every employee on the floor, our goal is to prevent scrap materials from reaching the solid waste stream with as little impact as possible to the global environment and to our workers.

Every process or project initiated by USM or its subsidiaries undergoes a thorough screening process as to its impact or hazards on our existing set-up, environmental and occupational health concerns, waste production, quality control and resource consumption. Our goal is to consistently lessen our QEHS impact and hazards on an annual basis through the reduction of resource consumption, waste generation, worker incidents/accidents and quality concerns. We will reach our goals through a process of continuous improvement based on the review processes set by the certifications held.

Senior Management shall ensure that all company policies:

Are well documented, implemented, maintained and understood by employees.
Are appropriate to its operations and its potential environmental impacts and health/safety risks. Include a commitment to comply with all relevant QEHS legal requirements, customer and product requirements, applicable industry guidelines and any other QEHS commitments made by the company.
Include a commitment to continual improvement through reviews and amendments.
Include a commitment to prevention of ill health or workplace injuries.
Provide a framework for establishing and reviewing QEHS goals, objectives and targets.
Demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction.
Include a commitment to the prevention of pollution.