USMe: Dedicated to Recycling Excellence

USMe is a specialty division of Universal Scrap Metals (USM), one of America’s premier scrap material wholesalers, providing recycling services for ferrous and non-ferrous metals of all kinds, plus initial processing of used aluminum beverage cans. The principle facilities of both USM and USMe are located within the industrial core of Chicago, IL. USMe’s initial design criteria was to achieve the highest level of security, reliability, and attention to detail, while still providing our customers with the easiest and most cost-effective way to dispose of their electronics.

USMe grades its day-to-day operation on how well it:

Lowers the customer’s net cost of recycling.
Reassures the customer that their electronics were processed properly
Prevents customer data from being compromised
Processes payments efficiently and correctly
Minimizes the impact to the environment
Complies with certifications and any pertaining laws